Faith & Trinity, Forever Sisters is a spin off to Faith’s first book, Faith & Trinity, The Unicorn! Grab this book to see how the girls spend their day as sisters! You will not be disappointed…From playing in green slime to playing dress up you will enjoy the beautiful illustrations!

Travel with Faith in this special book as she meets her sister, Trinity, who is the Unicorn.

This multifaceted book has helped not only our family but others cope with a loss of a loved one. It also serves as an educational opportunity for kids to travel the world and visit different places in their imagination. If they can see it, they can read it and if they can read it they can imagine it! Let’s help our kids imagine so they can believe!

Check out Faith, Trinity and The Bully! Let’s help our kids understand the importance of not bullying and not being bullied! Bullying is on the rise and this book is to educate our young readers and teach about the importance of forgiveness which is a lesson for all!

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